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At the heart of the establishment lies one of the most unique dining establishments in the Caribbean.  This home style restaurant has been built and run by the premiere fishermen in the BVI.  As the BVI's top producing fishing boat, Argus III's first stop after a fishing Neptune's Treasureexpedition is a brief stop at home. Home is Neptune’s Treasure which ensures we are able to secure the very freshest and best choices of catch for the lucky few patrons fortunate to have reservations for dinner.   In fact, you can even watch one of our staff pull out a lobster from out pen and watch them prep it for you.

If you visit other restaurants in the BVI there is a good chance that the seafood you order will have been caught by Soares family, but as you now know, this fish would first have been delivered to Neptunes Treasure.  While the on water dining experience certainly creates a romantic and peaceful atmosphere, the inside of the establishment is full of unique history.  Patrons can read about the legendary Soares fishing family, including Vernon's record for most Tuna caught in a day in Bermuda, a record that is unlikely to ever be broken.   Guests can view scrapbooks of incredible catches of swordfish, shark, and rare species of fish.

On the walls are shells of Turtle's, a six foot tail of a Thresher Shark, magazine and newspaper articles featuring the Soares family life of fishing.  But, as much as one may marvel at the surroundings, the home style hospitality is all too apparent.  You don't feel as though you are in a commercial restaurant, but rather in the home of the Soares family.

Here, things are done the old fashion way.   Guests feel as though they have been invited over for dinner at a good friends house.  If you want a drink and one of our friendly staff members isn’t there to serve it to you with a smile, no problem, grab one yourself and put it on your tab.

Neptune's Treasure is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Reservations with dinner order are required before 4:30 pm.  
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Neptune's Treasure Dining

Neptune's Treasure Dining


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