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From casual kick'n glide tours to farming turns at your . They turn miraculously easy w/ their effective rocker, and are serviceable on hardpack. Hey JT XXII, the Hyper Vector gains a little bit of running length/effective edge over a V6 of the same size, so bumping down to the 177cm wouldn't be a huge disadvantage in terms of overall feel. The evolution of a quiver of one. To build a ski worthy of doing any or all, one might start with the Voile Vector; wide enough for powder, narrow enough for quick response in tight couloirs, rocker enough to handle deep mank, camber enough to handle hardpack. Paulownia and carbon core keeps weight low and energy high. Hi Jack, yes you'll be able to flatten the skis for ascending no problem! Hey Mark, you could go with the 171cm or the 177cm, just depending on what you're after in the ski. . Voile Vector BC Ski - Ski Winter Clearance Up To 60% Off Apparel + Up To 40% Off Gear Up To 30% Off Mountain Bikes Shop Now Ski / Cross-Country Skiing / Cross-Country Skis Vector BC Ski Be the first to review Out of Stock Don't worry though, we have a lot more Cross-Country Skis in stock than that. The Voile UltraVector BC is bred for demanding terrain and uncertain conditions, making it the ideal ski for longer backcountry forays. Recently on a backcountry peak bag, I was able to drop in off the summit into icy wind hammered crust, and into powder in the lower bowls, with confident tele turns the whole way! Not specific to any binding or ski, they can be installed on a telemark or randonee set up. Voil Hybrid Rocker. We do mostly low angle 4 wheel drive roads uphill and then have all sorts of options back down. . But if you give them a chance youll be surprised at how far they take you and with less effort. I am 6', 180, and I have the 177, and it skis fine -- wouldn't want it any longer. Winning bid: US $355.00 [ 24 bids] Shipping: $82.85 . They make low angle terrain more fun and in the end, more worth it! Superb in being able to handle crappy snow. On downhills, they turn well . The Would highly Great skis! The skis were great for lapping meadows during the poor snow conditions at the beginning of the season while I learned to ski and were exceptional as I graduated to steeper runs as the season progressed. Used: Voile - UltraVector BC 164cm.Ski: $750HD Mountaineer Binding: $80 That's all I have to say. Just got my first pair and after 3 outings, I think the skis are fantastic. They own undulating terrain. To clarify my earlier question, its 154 not 151. Voile Vector BC Skis has been discontinued by Voile and is no longer available. Then some of my friends got involved in SkiMo racing, and I though how cool it would be to push something that light up the mountain. Each flavor is slightly different, but they're all excellent. They're ideal for skiers seeking to explore their local area or attack new terrain that requires long, flat approaches. For the backcountry skier who must continually make long approaches over rolling terrain, Sharpscale traction base is a godsend. Topsheets scratches fairly easily and bases were not as hard as some I have tried, but liked these enough to get a slightly wider v6 in a shorter length (to easier fit in the car). While it may be possible to travel near the same speed on skins, the effort saved over miles of low-friction gliding makes it possible to travel further with considerably less effort. This is often perfect those who enjoy hut trips where getting to and enjoying the hut and touring around outside without entering into the sketchiness of avalanche terrain and steep terrain. Voile Vector BC Skis Similar Products 1-2 / 10 Carbon Fiberglass Layer Great skis. This ski can crush miles on the flats and is completely capable of descending anything you might come across, and really benefits from a lighter setup. THE TOE PIECE IS ESSENTIALLY THE SAME AS THAT OF THE HARDWIRE 3-PIN, BEING ROBUSTLY CONSTRUCTED OF . I have SuperChargers I often take for skinning, but these handle just as well as the the Super Chargers and then you have added benefit of not having to put skins back on if there is some light uphill. New and used Water Skis for sale in Centreville, Virginia on Facebook Marketplace. Details about Voile Vector BC Skis (scaled bases) 180 cm with Dynafit Superlight 2.0 Bindings See original listing. Something about "snow melting faster," which apparently has the effect of "increasing lubrication." The Zed 12 binding from G3 set a standard for super lightweight AT bindings that can take freeriding stress, but skiers who put up low numbers on the bathroom scales were left out. I thought Id found my ideal ride, the V6 in winter pow and the Vector for set-up spring conditions. I even liked the three pin cable bindings that I mounted with the 20 millimeter risers that I bought separately because I took the bindings off of an old pair of Karhu skis. 25-30 degrees is pretty much too steep for skins. I am just finishing up my third season on a set of Hypervector BCs, which replaced a pair of Vector BCs that I rode until they were no longer viable. Voile Ultra Vector AT Skis Rotation Bindings Voile UltraVector BC Skis Telemark Pyrenees: Touring skis, backcountry skiing, telemark skis The Voile Vector BC: A Game Changer Voile Ultra Vector BC Ski 164171177cm . Brands On Sale. I am looking forward to spending more hours on these skis to figure out what all they can do; I know it's me holding them back! The Hyper Vector BC will take you further than ever before. Voile - Vector BC Ski; With Purchase of Both Skis and Bindings . I also have skins for mine and used them for the BC when more powder oriented(wider) skis aren't needed/wanted. knee-deep pow and crud without sacrificing stability. Same award-winning design as the Voile Vector, but with a waxless pattern for skinless uphill touring. Great skis overall, got these after a few seasons on BD megawatts without a lightweight mountaineering ski. So I expect Ill enjoy these too. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures. Binding Information: If Sondre Norheim could have skied the Voil X2 Telemark Binding, he might never have left the mountains of Norway for the flatlands of North Dakota. Turns out they are the first ski I reach for for backcountry, and even for patrolling at a downhill ski area. And going downhill is mind blowing how much control they have (heels free or locked). I'm 5'8", 140 lbs. So, a strong second to weight is easy transitions. Voile UltraVector BC - Cripple Creek Backcountry The UltraVector BC is built on the same awesome new chassis of the UltraVector, and given the patterned base underfoot for game changing ease over flat and rolling terrain. From long backcountry tours to a day of cranking turns at the resort, the Voile Vector BC is a truly unique package with its mid-fat width, low weight, powder-loving hybrid rocker design, and waxless pattern. 15%. I bought these because I wanted some lighter-weight touring skis that also did well downhill. Find great deals and sell your items for free. Two lengths of 2mm steel with inset teeth wrap the full perimeter of the ski. What length ski do you recommend for a type 2 skier (5' 11'', 156 lbs)? (64+ kg). With the same dimensions and construction as the regular Vector, the Vector BC's a do-it-all ski with one important difference: the addition of an underfoot fishscale climbing pattern, which lets you handle moderate ascents without taking skins out of your pack. The Voile HyperVectors climb just as well as the Rossis without skins, the fish scales are amazing. The guys in the shop were amazingly helpful, and while they were scrounging around for some old parts to fix the binding, I got talking to one of the product designers. But even though my V8s rule in knee-deep, the Ultras are still my off-piste do-it-all favs. Shines in the rolling terrain, float in the steep powder. Hi Ush, actually yes, we did just start carrying the. As far as the scales are concerned, I use these primarily from March-June, when the snow gives grip on the uphill and minimal resistance on the down. The main feature I want in a binding is low weight, but I also see myself transitioning A LOT when using these fishscale skis because the approaches around here are constantly up and down. Might help to make fish scale kicker zone shorter. Everything you need to know about scaled-base skis. Also worth noting, I used to have the older baby blue version of the vector, and I've noticed the new Hyper Vector has been improved significantly - seems more forgiving, and enjoyable in its handling. I have some high temp glide wax now (Maxiglide) in my pack to coat the scales before heading down and that has helped. Lively and fun for working terrain features through woods, boulders, gullies etc. Scales. I started backcountry skiing last season so I dont have many other skis to compare these with, however, I am incredibly happy with my purchase. Now the adventurous backcountry skier can trek further into the hinterland than ever beforeespecially when a long approach over rolling terrain is required. I found the scale pattern aggressive enough to tackle 99% of the climbs, allowing for great descents, the short length perfect for wiggling and giggling in tight trees, the sidecut and flex shreds tight trail, steep powder, wind buff, pretty much everything I've thrown and these things, and they always shine brightly. The fish scale bottoms helped me navigate quickly right and left with no problem trying to avoid questionable avy slope inclines, from avy not-so-safe to avy safe, etc. I am considering both of these skis with the goal that I can use them to cruise along nicely on flats and rolling terrain, while still getting pretty solid performance on the downhills in the Northeast. Get the latest updates on new products and upcoming sales! I'm really excited about having the scales as well, so that when I'm doing low inclines, I can get away with not putting my skins back on! A paulownia wood core keeps the ski light enough that you still have juice left to ski your line after hours on the skin track, while woven carbon surrounding the core adds . Construction is very solid for such a light ski and they are holding up well after my 2nd season. Its not so bad when you going downhills but on the little flat rolling terrain, it become super difficult to get enough momentum to side thru that Overall Im surprised by how versatile these skis are and I would not hesitate to purchase again. Earn store credit by writing reviews. The Voile UltraVector BC is bred for demanding terrain and uncertain conditions, making it the ideal ski for longer backcountry forays. He asked me what I thought of the Objectives, and I told him it was very cool with surprising performance for such a light ski, but I really would like something a little beefier for the downhill. Two lengths of 2mm steel with inset teeth wrap the full perimeter of the ski. Hi Nick, I wouldn't call any Voile ski a specialist in steep, icy terrain. It's still officially "mount at your own risk" with tele bindings. But, the versatility you get from a pair of skis that weight less than 6lbs . you're ripping down tight tree runs or charging down wide open bowls, giving it versatility that most alpine and nordic-touring-style skis just can't match. They have ample float for powder. I am used to skiing longer skis, but was considering the 171 cm model. Sprint up the skin track with the lightweight Voile Vector BC Ski and Two layers of our proprietary carbon fiberglass regulate the ski's flex without an impact on bonding strength. Backcountry Advocate ProgramBreaking Trail, Up To 60% Off Apparel + Up To 40% Off Gear, Up To 20% Off Santa Cruz & Juliana Shop Now, Traditional camber underfoot with a rockered tip. Also had 200lb. En descente, ils sont joueurs et pardonnent. Most people don't jump into backcountry their first season of skiing, but I was lucky to be living at the north entrance to Yellowstone where there is amazing backcountry skiing right out my front door. The UltraVector BC is still capable of descent oriented skiing. Sign up for exclusive offers, original stories, events and more. Sure, you may feel a little drag on some descents. This may have been answered with Bob's question above. I have 5 days of spring skiing on the Ultra Vector BCs - two days of touring and three days downhill skiing. The day on the backside was fantastic! They are so fast on approaches it feels like cheating. The bit needed is 3.5 x 9mm, and the insertion depth is 9mm. They are not a surfy ski in deep powder, but they do everything well and I like the pattern for long approaches and exits that have a mix low angle assents and descents. Yellow Volkl vertigo g3 Jr skis for $50 in Centreville, VA | Finds Nextdoor My wife and I are both very happy with the UltraVector BC skis and Switchback X2 bindings. Scott Balsai. Amazing light, especially when paired with TTS binding. Heel and toe mounting areas are reinforced to prevent binding pull out. To put things in perspective, I have been using a backcountry/XC/tele set up for ~15 years. The fish scale is handy for touring through the rolling terrain and logging road access with ups and downs. 2mm, Full-Perimeter Steel Edges The fish scale pattern works well on the groomed trails, from soft snow to hard and crusty. This trait really shines on long spring tours or multi-day trips, where every type of condition might be encountered. I love this ski.

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